TESTIMONY – K. A. Hambly

Charlotte has proofread and edited several of my novels over the years and nothing escapes her eagle eye. She is competent, honest and professional in her work and I always go to her first when I have a new story that needs to be looked over.

  • K.A Hambly a YA/horror author

TESTIMONY – Clare Davidson

Charlotte was lovely to work with: both professional and honest. She gave thorough, constructive and encouraging feedback.

  • Author of the Hidden series. I undertook a developmental edit on Hidden number 4 and another book she has not yet published.

TESTIMONY – A Girl Wizard

I have known Charlotte for a few years now and she is a lovely person. I was speaking to her about my autobiography I had released on Wattpad but stressed that I wanted nothing more then to release my book to paperback. To be able to hold it in my hand would just be an incredible thing. Charlotte offered her help as an editor as she is already a very successful published author. I jumped at the chance for her help. What I loved most of all is, Charlotte took out all the stress from publishing. Changed the chapters around so they read better, changed the spelling and grammar and made it look like a real book. She was incredible and did it all for me. All I had to do was say yes or no to what I would like and she did all the rest. 4 days later, my book was available to buy as an ebook. 7 days later and my book was available as a paperback book which is now selling on Amazon. I could never of done this without her help. I now have my first ever published paperback book sitting on my own book self and has also been bought by fans too. Thank you so much Charlotte, I could not of done this without your help xxxxx

Welcome Post

Welcome to Charmz Edits. A place where you can find reasonably priced editing and formatting services. I believe that self-published/indie authors do not need the hassle of expensive editing and formatting. Both of which can be very stressful, so here at Charmz Edits, I am not charging the earth for either of these services. So if you are in need of some TLC for your book but do not have a huge budget, then please get in touch. I am open to negotiation if you require both editing and formatting.